JP Gannon

Collegiate Associate Professor
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Virginia Tech

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Classes offered at Virginia Tech

Introduction to Environmental Data Science (FREC 1044, Fall)

Application of data science to environmental management. Role of data science, mathematical and statistical modeling, geospatial technology, database management, knowledge integration, and decision science in environmental decision-making. Skills and techniques required to assist scientists and managers with the challenges of collecting, collating, archiving, modeling, analyzing, visualizing, and communicating information in support of natural resource management. (3H,3C)

Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management (FREC 4114/5114, Fall)

An introduction to computer information systems used in natural resources management. Course will introduce students to the theory and applications of database management systems (DBMS) and geographic information systems (GIS). Uses, challenges, and limitations of these technologies in natural resource management applications will be discussed. Students will receive extensive hand-on instruction in the use of current software packages for DBMS and GIS. Pre: 2214 or FOR 2214 or GEOG 2314. (2H,3L,3C)

Digital Planet (FREC 1044 / GEOG 1084, Spring)

Exploration of innovative geospatial technologies and their impact on the world around us, including how humans interact with the environment and each other. Roles of location-based services, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, remote sensing, virtual globes and web based mapping for environmental applications. Skills and techniques for spatial thinking and environmental decision-making. Ethical implications of the use of geospatial technologies, data, and computational approaches. (3H,3C)

Environmental Informatics Capstone (FREC 4044, Spring)

Apply environmental informatics strategies and techniques to natural resources problems. Capstone experience using spatial and/or temporal environmental data. Integrate multiple concepts and strategies to create a practical solution. Senior Standing. Pre: 3004 (3H, 3C)

Hydroinformatics/Advanced Hydroinformatics (FREC 4244 / 5244, Spring)

Analysis and examination of hydrologic data using basic statistics and computer programming. Calculation and interpretation of flow frequency and duration, hydrologic analysis of geospatial digital terrain data, and implementation and analysis of simple hydrologic models. Advanced methods of temporal and spatial hydrologic data visualization using computer programming. Pre: 3104 or WATR 3104 (3H, 3C)

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