JP Gannon

Collegiate Associate Professor
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Virginia Tech

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About me

I am a collegiate associate professor of environmental data science in the Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation (FREC) department in the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech.


As a collegiate assistant professor of environmental data science (EDS), I focus on undergraduate education in the EDS major. I teach several courses that serve that major, as well as others in the FREC department and College of Natural Resources.

Course offerings
Hydroinformatics course tutorial/activity book
Water Balance Teaching App
Water Balance Teaching App activites and slides
Headwater stream discharge exploration apps
YouTube Channel with R and ArcGIS Pro Tutorials


Even though my position is focused primarily on undergraduate education, I maintain an active research program. My research program is broadly focused on catchment hydrology. I am always looking for motivated undergraduate students to work with me to investigate hydrological processes!



You can contact me via direct message on twitter (@jp_gannon) or by email at jpgannon [at]